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Mike M.
Mateo was the most wonderful  and helpful agent that you could ask for. The vehicle was coming from Miami Florida  to Dallas Texas. The dealership said it would be ready for transport on August 28th so Mateo had 11.days to set everything up. The dealership sat on their hands for 10 days and called me 12 hours before the scheduled pick up and informed me that the paperwork had not been completed. They had 11 days to get it done, but failed miserably. I called Mateo and explained what had happened so he could start rearranging the pick up date and the driver. It took 4 days to get the paperwork completed but it was finally done. One other quick note, because the dealership missed the scheduled pick up date, it cost me an extra $205 for the shipping. Mateo was very nice about and it is clearly stated in the contract. So if you are transporting a vehicle, be aware of penalties for missed dates. Mateo really stepped up to the plate, got everything organized and on track. He sent me all of the drivers contact information, the route he would be taking, his stops and an ETA for delivery of my vehicle. Delivery was on time and in perfect condition. Mateo Richardson was insturmental in getting my vehicle delivered quickly and safely. If I have to transport another vehicle, I will be using Mateo Richardson with Sonic Auto Transport. Mike M.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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