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Jennifer K.
I had a horrible experience with a different car transport service prior to this last one. So when i was on the search for one again, i took caution. I reached out to a couple different transport services and was bombarded by atleast 7 other companies wanting my to transport for me. I cautioned the cheap cheap ones, disregarded the really expensive ones and settled on a reasonable price one which ended up being marcos cook with sonic auto. I signed contract and set a date. it wasnt a day or 2 later that the price increased. I declined. During this time i was unaware my mother was also looking for one. The company she found put their bid up for the same vechile and distance but at a higher price. Marcos explained a transporter will not accept my bid if another company is posting their bid higher. Marcos told me i had to tell the other company to remove their bid otherwise mine would never get accepted. After getting so many request from other companies i was getting frustrated and annoyed and about flew to the state myself and drove the car back. After a week, marcos reached back out and said my bid was too low now that the price would have to be raised to get accepted. Of course b/c why not right. After getting the bid raised $300 over the original quoted price, i said fine. The whole process took almost 4 weeks of going back and forth. However after bid was accepted, the car was delivered within 3 days with no complaints or concerns. The amount stayed the same after the bid by marcos was accepted and was not surprised with a different amount upon delivery. The experience might have been draining and delivery date pushed back almost a month i still would recommend marcos cook with sonic auto because he kept his work and price (after the 3rd time) and was pleasant to work with. He kept me updated everyday and checked in during the transportation. If you want reliable and honesty def choose sonic auto.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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