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Elaine W.
Shipping a car is a whole different world! Understand you are not speaking to the actual company that ships, but a company that has a list of drivers. Daniel worked with me on everything. Several of the other emails seemed to be auto emails. I had an issue with the key to the vehicle and also with the timing and location of pick up. The quotes from any of the other companies are estimates. Finding someone to work with (who speaks English) is a challenge. The quote that was given was lower than what I actually paid, but it wasn't forced on me. It was an option. Be aware of very low quotes - that's just not going to happen. I paid a reasonable price which was middle of the road from the other quotes. The driver, Ron, was very accommodating and friendly. He was happy to give me the bill of lading which Sonic made very clear was my responsibility. Daniel was very patient with my questions as I had never shipped a vehicle prior to this. I would recommend Sonic.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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